Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Why Russia should stop America in Syria.

Little girly man Medevyev, let the Americans walk all over him in Libya, now that a man with a nut sack is in the Kremlin and its time Russia stand up to the American bankster cartel and say no in Syria.  Russians need to understand that America will destroy all of Russia's allies in the region one by one and setup puppet governments and military bases as they are secretly plotting to attack Russia and China as well.  Not because the Russians have done anything against the Americans but simply because the people who control America are a sect of Eugenicist elites.  America is run by a 2 party dictatorship with false elections where to get nominated by a party you have to be related to King Edward III, every single US president has been related including Obama.  English-American, or Americans of English descent make up no more than 13% of america, yet every single president traces their ancestry to 1 single English King, including Romney who is also related to Obama and Bush.  What are the odds in a country of 300 million people that in the last 3 elections all the major party candidates are related.  That is Kerry and Bush, Obama and McCain, and Obama and Romney or Obomney.  Now this might sound crazy, and when I first heard it, I thought it was crazy as well, of course it sounds crazy because the people running America are a set of not insane, but crazy as in not right minded.  I will expand on this later.

This sounds crazy because the people running America are crazy. They are a group of people who will not allow anyone who cannot trace their lineage to British Royalty (which is Romanian aka Transylvanian in origin -which is why Prince Charles now has castles in Romania and visits there frequently and admits that he is of Transylvania descent)

Now imagine if you had unlimited money.  You would do things that you would not normally do, you would think of grand projects and scale and schemes, and some of them would probably be very stupid.  Just like 90% of families who win the lotterry end up broke by pissing away all their money on silly things, the elite globalist eugenicist are no different.

No the globalist Eugenicist are best typified by Hitler.  Basically there was one set of globalist in Europe and they had a major schemism. Hitler and the facist (although they called themselves socialist) including Mussolini and the Japanese planned to implement world government quickly, take over, kill all untermenschen with impure blood lines and dominate the world under a single global government called the 3rd reich.  The other side is the Socialist (USA, UK, China and Russia).

People talk about the collapse of the soviet union, and sometimes the Socialist globalist elites fight amongst themselves, but the gist of the matter is that the Socialist plan to collapse the world slowly into a world government whereas the Fascist wanted to do it quick.

The globalist Eugenicist run the banks, own the federal reserves which are privately owned banks in Western bloc countries that issue currency in unlimited quantities to its owners off the books.  Now they use the banks and the drug running to finance their activities but they ultimately want a global government where they wipe out all but about 100 million people from the face of the earth.  They plan to create fully automated automatons machines that require no humans.  For example, now you have drones instead of a guy in a plane, now you have most factories in America, having machines building cars where people use to do it, and just  a human to maintain the machine.  Well they want full automation, they want to have a machine that maintains the machine and so on, until no humans are required, and eventually people will be rendered redundant by all machines, and they create a large welfare class on which they will then cut you off and you riot in the streets when you can't buy food, which is why they want a police state too.  So they can kill and shoot you in the streets no questions asked, it is why they want to take away your guns and sign UN small arms treatise.

The globalist Eugenicist are a group of people who invented eugenics, Hitler copied these Eugenicist when creating Nazi German, not vice versa.

So to get back on point, if Russia does not stand up on Syria, the American eugenics leaders are going to murder more people in Syria in the range of 100-500k like in Iraq and Afghanistan.  But they will also build nuclear weapons bases in Syria to launch weapons into Russia and China.  We are in  WW3, the allied Eugenicist (US, UK, FRANCE) and its arab allies (QATAR, SAUDIS).  America is slowly conquering all the arab states and setting up puppet governments.  Hitler would invade them all quickly.  But recall the Socialist prefer slow set up of world government.  They are not going to kill people in masse fema camps yet, they are going to slow kill you with slow kill vaccines, slow kill gmo, slow kill diseases, that are designed to activate when you retire as your hormone levels drop.  How else do you explain that in the time of George Washington people who lived passed 18, and did not get any major disease, basically lived longer than people today.  People didn't get cancer, alzeiheimer, dementia, heart conditions, strokes, heart attacks and all kinds of other illnesses that were rather rare.  In fact of the first 5 US presidents the average life expectancy or age was well over 85, and they smoke and drunk alcohol and had stressful lives as they all fought in a reovlutionary war and they all drunk like Russians as back then that was the only available source of clean water was in alcohol because it was distilled.

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