Friday, 6 July 2012

War in Iran, how it could unfold

The Iranians are easily the most clever of all the Islamic countries. Time after time the Iranians politically out manuever their US political counterparts. The US may be highly surprised by any attempt to attack Iran. Iran is not Libya or Iraq. Iran is larger than Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria combined. Iran has material support from Russia and China and is allies with Iraq (both shiite Islam), Syria, Lebanon Afghanistan (50% of Afghanistan is Persian, the second largest ethnicity in Iran). Basically a U.S. invasion of Iran would be WW3. Even without Russia or China (who both have secretive interest in the US LOSING - TO DETHROWN us as world power and prevent US from getting missile bases next door). Ie. Russians have incentive for US to lose Iran for the same reason they put nukes in Cuba, nukes in Turkey bother them as would nukes in Iran. And both are Iranian allies.

Iran has 110,000 rockets by Hezbollah fighters in Lebanon aimed at Israel. You saw how it crippled Israel in their last war with Lebanon, all their technology was not enough to stop a few well hidden people shooting a few hundred unguided rockets. Now throw in the conventional weapons of Iraq and Syria who all have incentives to see Israel lose, and who knows how them muslim brotherhoods in Libya and Egypt will react to Israel slaughter thousands of muslims. Iran has conventional guided weapons to destroy Israel, but all the other countries could do the hard work for them. Any attempted invasion of Iran or strikes by Israel would basically force it to declare war on Iraq. 

Iran has a population the size of roughly imperial Japan with far larger and more treacherous terrain. Iran is basically a giant mountain, whose capital sits with its back to Russia (eliminating any easy attack on the capital. In fact Iran was basically founded by Afghan Pashtun elites who moved westward to gain access to the Persian gulf and be able to better protect their capital from invasions. In WW2, US lost 100k people and had 250k wounded by end of battle of the pacific. Further Iran possess a missile stockpile that simply did not exist at the time of WW2. It is basically possible to wipe out an entire naval fleet or military base with a single missile. My professor taught me in military college that battles of the bulge and conventional warfare was essentially dead, ever since the 1970's where a single tank shell or missile can blow up mid air and fragment in to a million piece each faster than the speed of sound. That is a single missile can destroy a ship and its anti missile weapons are useless to defend against a million quarter inch projectiles.

Any talk of nuking Iran, who shares a border with Russia, and several US allies is just fantasy. Not that the US could not physically do it, but sending soldiers into a country that was just nuked would be suicide for the soldiers. Not to mention nukes behave in unpredictable ways and the fallout tends to spread by the wind. Meaning the fallout could blow into neighbouring Russia, China, Pakistan, India (all nuclear powers) or blow onto US bases or allies in neighbouring Turkey, Qatar, Dubai, etc.

Then there is the Pakistan factor. Pakistan could close of its route to US troops and basically US soldiers could find themselves quickly stranded in the continent of Asia, surrounded by mountains with no easy escape routes and several massive armies closing in on them. And its not a could, more like will, as Pakistan has vowed to defend Iran in the event of a US invasion.

Even if the US wins, it will be a hollow victory, there will be a minimum 300k us troops killed, Israel will be destroyed, and oil prices will be through the roof, and China will be the winner as all the debt from the war will put America on its knees, and China will take the opportunity to freeze credit to America to give it the kiss of death and make China the strongest economy in the world.

The horrible truth will be for America, we gain nothing from invading Iran, they lose nothing from an invasion. Because once we leave they just hate America again and build nukes anyways and Israel really will be wiped off the map, and of course they will demand more money from us, meaning hire taxes for Americans to rebuild foreigners.

Iran actually has a highly advanced conventional army, with jet planes, advanced ships, anti air craft weaponry, radar. This isn't Afghanistan, its not Iraq, the army is going to fight. Not to mention a very large army and numerous powerful allies. The US could quickly find itself up the creek and paddle less. With all its bases closed down in Afghanistan, Pakistan and turkmenistan (russia biggest ally and a friendly to Iran and would likely close its bases to avoid being invaded by a much stronger Iran). In fact the US soldiers may just end up being slaughtered on their bases which may act like death traps rather than camps. US soldiers may be forced onto bases by militaries who do not want to see Iran bomb their country.

The war can be further complicated if young kim jong un takes the opportunity to invade south korea since US is bogged down in war with Iran. US has never even invaded a country with nuclear power, in general US invades small banana republics like Panama or Grenada. Even the invasion of Cuba failed after it was discovered Castro might still have nuclear capabilities as it was unclear if it was Castro or the USSR in control of nukes in Cuba and millions of Americans could have died. Iran has missile capabilities that can reach well into the Indian ocean and blow out US ships before they even get close enough to to shoot at Iran. 

In the end I think America would win, but most likely a draft would be required, and US would be crippled economically by the war and it'd drag on for at least a year in the best case scenario. Not to mention the thousands of guerillas fighters who'd make Iraq look like Greenwhich, CT. You people thinking we can just parking lot Iran are on fantasy island

The fact that I show the truth about what a war with Iran would look like and how it would be a disaster for America, and how the Chinese and Russians and globalist would be laughing to the bank while Americans spends its money on weapons and sends its kids to go die in another worthless achieve nothing war is a joke. All you warmongers, what do you have to show for all your wars since ww2, nothing, all it does is make America #1, #1 at being the worst in everything, worst in education because they need dumb people to fight their stupid wars that mean nothing, #1 in stupidity and laziness, #1 in tv brainwashing, #1 in sitting on the counch playing video games, #1 in can't read and write your own damn language while people in the rest of the world learn 3-4. #1 in not being able to add. Iran will just be one more war where trillions of your tax dollars will be spent to kill overseas, while your roads are still congested, your bills go hire, you can't find no job, your gas goes up, tuition goes up, all prices go up and your income goes down. If our leaders were any good, they'd go bomb China or Europe because they are our competitors and maybe we'd at least be able to take their money and get a few jobs back in America.

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