Friday, 6 July 2012

Why Russia is not corrupt

Commonly the Western Media labels Russia as corrupt, because countries like Russia send corrupt businessmen to jail for engaging in fraud.  However, countries in the first world tend to let big time fraudsters walk free, while arresting the guy who did a $15 fraud and giving him the tough on crime sentence of 15 years of hard prison.  Then truth is the entire Western economies are based off fraud, which is why whenever  these frauds are common knowledge you get a collapse.  Whether it is the mortgage bubble or the high tech bubble or the derivatives bubble, all of these speculative bubbles which drive "growth" really are just sophisticated frauds created by the mega banks in the West to give the illusion of growth.  When you take out all the bubbles and frauds the west has nothing left.  When Russia sentences the business crooks to jail, they are labelled as corrupt banana republics with lack of fair trails. But when Western con artist banks defraud people, no  one decries the corrupt prosecutors and corrupt governments who refuse to prosecute them.

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