Monday, 2 July 2012

Fast and Furious, Barack Obama, Eric Holder, the real story and your 2nd Amendment

Long story short the ATF a U.S. law enforcement agency has  sold  guns to Mexican drug lords in an effort, to take away your 2nd Amendment.

Now the globalist liberal media is coming to defend this and calling it a "conspiracy theory".  Well I guess millions of Americans are conspiracy theorist because they are out buying guns thinking that Obama is going to take away their guns.  Well no, it is not a conspiracy theory, it is fact.  You give me a reasonable explanation as to why the US government is selling machine guns that are used to murder policemen in America.  What possible reason could the US government have to sell guns to Mexican drug lords accept to destroy the 2nd Amendment.  Are we suppose to believe that the ATF who are experts in tracking down guns, in making sure guns do not walk (getting out of sight of the officers) just sold thousands of guns and forgot to track them.  No, even a 5 year old knows better.  That is the cover story for the true and deeper story.  That they would sell guns to Mexican gangs, those guns would be used to kill Americans, then they'd turn around and blame American legal gun owners for selling guns through trade shows to Mexican illegals.  And that we need to ban all guns because legally purchased guns are being sold to Mexican drug lords in masse.  That makes far more sense than anything coming out of the white house

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