Friday, 6 July 2012

Norwegian girls

I can't speak of everywhere just the places I been.
The easiest women statistically are Norwegian girls, and I had no problem lizard slaying their. I found swedes more attractive though, and they are a bit more aggressive in flirting than Norwegian girls. Norwegians girls expect you to do the approach more than a french or italian girl who if they are into you will try to start a conversation where a norwegian girl would just stare you down. Ukranian girls are also easy. Been to britain but never tried to pick up girls there because I never saw anything I like but it didn't seem worst than toronto. Some seem a bit rude, but some polish girls were a bit flirty with me. Where else... irish girls seemed to be very friendly, and they are easy to bed. Finnish girls are also easy and mexican girls can't get enough. Philipinos and greeks also easy. Actually come to think of it, after living in Toronto for over 20 years, just about any type of girl seems easy. American girls are more outgoing and not stuck into the toronto clique system.

I must disclose I'm a good looking black guy, as in nice facial features, in fact I get told I look like I belong on a magazine or a tv or something, so my experiences with women may be above average (which is ironic because when it comes to toronto thats not the case, its probably below average outside of school). I have yet to hit up any liz liz from girls outside of school or outside of the country. that is if I did travel outside Canada and if I did not take those psychology courses in university/high school (and minus sex in elementary school) that had like 90% girls, then I'd probably still be a virgin. IE. If I moved here as a 20 y/o I dont think I'd get any girls. when it comes to toronto, it is very hard to be a man, below average women get hot dogs thrown at them all the time because of how few non fat/ugly/frumpy women their are. What is really like a 3-4 probably has a line of men waiting to date her at any given time, and you;d be hard pressed to find anything above a 4.5-5 out of 10 in toronto. Breast implants are rare and those carrie prejean or denise richards or beyonce type girls are basically non-existant in canada as far as I've seen.

I can't say there is a hardest country in europe to pull in, because compared to toronto where you are assumed to be an axe killer/serial rapist(because of historical reasons I document below), where men outnumber women by 15-20%, where women are given free access to clubs just because of how few of them go to clubs compared to men and men are routinely screened out for bs. If I had to pick one, I'd pick britain, just because I never got any physical ve jay jay there.

I'd recommend for any decent looking black guy to go to sweden so he can also experience what it is like to drown in Vj jay, complete hotties drool over black men there it is quite comical, I now know what it is like to be a white man in asia or latin america Idea LOL.

As to why toronto women have such negative opinions of men. It comes down to the fact that toronto people are largely immigrants from ww1 and ww2 and other 20th century wars (Germans, Poles, Italians, Ukranians, Russians, Chinese, Koreans, etc.) Many of the women during this time were raped and even the ones who were not raped have the fear of men raping them engrained into their mind. (think rape of nanjing or how russian army allegedly raped 100,000 women in the day they conquered berlin). Long story short the girls/women of today have parents and grandparents who were most likely raped and therefore are distrustful of men. The best proof of this is the most open sexually women are the irish canadian white women who did not have this experience (ie toronto has been 90% irish 10 years after it was founded or so). some have speculated toronto women are cold because of some puritan roots(english). This is a misnomer, because the Irish according to historians made up 90% of the population by the 1850s (toronto founded in 1830s). further Before toronto even existed as a formal city it was called york at which point american loyalist outnumbered british canadians by 10 to 1 (much like americans in texas when it was in mexico). And it ended in a similar fashion except the british won (see upper canada rebellion) because america did not want a full war at that time.

Also Toronto women are highly feminazi, and have a princess complex. Yes all women have this, and understand american women have this too but it is nothing like the ones from toronto. Not every single toronto women has this, but if she is not, she probably has a dozen male friends all lining up to date her even if she is not attractive at all (I've seen it). to have a gf here it requires a certain level of self degradation and willing to deal with BS that I care not for anymore. The only women worth going for here is one who usually comes to you or will make it very easy for you to pick her up(ie she is obviously checking you out). and in my experience those have generally been east/south european immigrant girls anyways. You don't want to date those british english Canadian girls they will make you do all the work in the relationship even if you are successful.

Anyways, thats my rant.

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