Friday, 6 July 2012

Marco Jaric and Adrianna Lima

 Marko Jaric and Adiranna Lima, O hell no

Jaric is not as good looking or rich. In fact I'd bet Lima is probably richer than him. Jaric is not only a terrible basketball player, but when you put his name in google the first search option that comes up is marko jaric ugly! I can;t figure out why she'd go for that guy, clearly there are NBA players with more $ and bigger ding dongs or more fame
[Image: m220936249.Png]

I am by no means alone on this one. the only thing I figure is she has a low self esteem and wanted to make sure she married a guy who'd never cheat on her and would kiss her butt (kinda like mariah carey and mr. nick carey - but even nick is not so ugly). This would be like flava flav marrying Angelina Jolie or Prince marrying that girl from Precious.

This supports my theory of very hot rich females wanting beta men with lots of $$$

In fact Marko Jaric is so ugly the first thing that comes up when you type his name in google is ugly... go on type it in

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