Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Do not stick with Lipstick Alley

Lip Shtick alley is a joke. Ever since it has been sold the soul and essence of the site has changed. It went from a place where cool hip and urban people could meet and share tea to a place overun by race trolls who harass unsuspecting forum members all day. Usually by either claiming some group of black people are non-black or secret arabs.... or dark whites. Members like that include Somaliqueen... a known white supremacist troll who pretends to be somali and turns every thread into a debate about how un-black somalis are. Another one is name I am a worm or lamaworm and he turns every discussion into how un-black north, west and east africans are and how he is a quadroon who is full of black self hatred and is desperate for white acceptance but won't just join stormfront dot com for unknown reasons.

Sadly there were and are alot of good posters over there but they are largely fleeing in droves. Lipshtick alley treats new members like guilty until proven innocent, anyhow because you need 25 post to start a new thread.

But this is more of a minor annoyance than the real drama that goes on in that fool. Firstly it allows and encourages black on black infighting by making threads about topics like feminism and colorism and lightskin vs dark skin. Then it allow members with terrible reputations to stay posting for years while turning around and banning members who actually produce threads of value with useful information.

Another waboon was a member named shego, I got banned for standing up to her harassment and reporting that she called black women burnt chocolate. She ain't even black she is some mexican or something and the admin ban me for it.... please. I got banned for defending the honor of black women on a site that is suppose to be started for and by black women but was bought out by some non-black probably.... many people report it was bought out by a jew. And she can continue to go on and bash black woman. Frankly it is only a matter of time before it becomes a white supremacist site like chimpout dot com or stormfront because all it does is ban good contributors and keep the race baiting ones.

I am in the process of making my own forum and website where men and women of color can come without constant harassment from non-blacks telling blacks what they should and shouldn't believe. You don't see these white supremacist trolls on chinese dot com or indian dot com or mexican dot com or jew dot com telling them what they should believe. Only on the black website are they trolled so prolifically.

I notice that there is a pattern of African American threads questioning racism or unfairness being moved to the NSIS or Not Sure If Serious section of the forum which is dead but white racist post are given prime real estate.

Its no wonder lipstickalley has been sued and was shutdown for 5 months.

"I would love to see Lipstick Alley’s attorney bills. The gossip forum owners are constantly being sued for slander. It seems that Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed is the latest victim of LSA’s resident gossipmongers, who are spilling his most personal intimate bedroom secrets."

No surprise there, it just confirms what I said, the site is dominated by the trolls who make up things on the fly. What was once a respectable website has been overrun by race-trolls
gender-trolls and Indian Race Trolls

Then there is a large proportion over there of "black women" who seem to hate black men. One has to wonder if these stans are even black because don't thee women have fathers who are black? They must hate themselves. They go on and whine about how much they dislike black men and put jew and white men on a pedestal, not all, there are some cool fonts over there, I had over 30 people on my friends list and they were all cool fonts, none self haters, some cool to debate with or have discussions with. And talk about low self esteem, there was this jokster of a poster who had a picture of scandal interracial sex in her profile but would go off about how much she hates white women and black men and white women who date black men.

The messed up part was when they showed the thread black men going to brazil all the fonts who hate black men came out and whined that black men are leaving them but they also hate black men. Makes no sense to me. I've never seen a black man appreciation thread over there but I saw jew man, jew woman, white man, white woman, arab man, arab woman, persian man, persian women appreciation thread.

Lip shtick alley I am so done with you bye bye girlfriend... I am through with your ass and you can kiss mine, and if your one of my old friends for LSA and you stumble across my blog leave a comment and say what-sup and check out my sistas blog at

Lastly I stand by my racial slur: