Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Spaniards not white and Portuguese not white

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Spaniards are often blacker than arabs and berbers and even many blacks.  There is no way they are 91% white.  Only the elites are whites and they have different origins than.  i WOULD NOT consider brown people of any region to be white.  Sure the Celts were in Spain but they seemed to be replaced by browns

When you break down spain’s history it just presents moor problems.
1.       King Taharka of Nubia’s invasion in Spain in 690 BC, documented
2.       Carthagian occupation of Spain in the BC
3.       Rome retakes Spain by hiring Numidian (African) warriors (several times because of punic wars)
4.       Phoenicians conquering Spain
5.       Moorish invasion and occupation of Spain for 700 years
6.       Even if the original indigenous people of Spain are white, despite findings like grimaldi man (black man found in Spain dating back 20k years) which suggest otherwise.  All the invasions by Africans and arabs would mean heavy admixture
7.       Spainish as a whole bare little resemblance to the Celts, the Celts in North Europe do not even recognize Spain as a Celtic nation.
8.       Many white skin spainards have non-white (Asiatic or African) features as in dark black thick hair, brown skin, flat or round nose, slanted eyes.  If Spaniards are truly just tanned skinned whites, why is it that people from Rome and central Italy maintain white skin.  No one is going to argue that people outside of southern Italy (which has bonified African and Arabic descendents) are not white for the mere fact that minus southern Italians who are of different ancestry most Italians look white.  Most Spaniards do not look white, in fact Spain is more like a brown country with a ruling white skinned class.  No different than any country in latin America or the Arab world.
9.       The Spanish royalty has confirmed African ancestry in it.  Queen Charlotte of England who is often drawn with African features had her ancestry traced back by Genelogist who traced her ancestry to Madragana MOOR Afonso a colored mistress to Afonso the 3rd of Portugal and to Margarita de Castro y Souza of Spain. This is highly relevant because Portugual was PART OF SPAIN until 1179. Madragana was born in 1230.  That is very early in these countries histories, they already had non-whites in their leadership and as elites in society.  This poses a big problem for the white Spaniard idea.  Duarte Nunes de Leão, a Portuguese royal chronicler of the 16th century, stated that Madragana was a Moor.

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